District Staff

An image of Dr. Catherine Trevathan.
Dr. Catherine Trevathan
Mrs. Lesa Deter
Mrs. Lesa Deter
Deputy Brock Alexander
Deputy Brock Alexander
School Resource Officer
An image of Mrs. Becky Austin.
Mrs. Becky Austin
Superintendent Administrative Assistant
An image of Dr. Alyson Baker.
Dr. Alyson Baker
Literacy and Curriculum
An image of Mrs. Amanda Dziak.
Mrs. Amanda Dziak
Treas. Office General Clerk
An image of Mr. Ora Flickinger
Mr. Ora Flickinger
Transportation/Food Services Supervisor
An image of Ms. Deana Gilmore.
Ms. Deana Gilmore
Special Education Director
An image of Becky Hartsel.
Mrs. Becky Hartsel
Preschool Director
An image of Mr. Scott Hinkle.
Mr. Scott Hinkle
Maintenance Supervisor
An image of Mrs. Jodi Long.
Mrs. Jodi Long
Athletic Director
An image of Mr. Kody Manders.
Mr. Kody Manders
District Technology
Deputy Brian Martin
Deputy Brian Martin
School Resource Officer
An image of Mrs. Tara Mast.
Mrs. Tara Mast
Treas. Office Account Clerk
An image of Mrs. Jennifer Seman.
Mrs. Jennifer Seman
Communications Specialist
An image of Mrs. Amy Tafur.
Mrs. Amy Tafur, BSN, RN
District Nurse