Strategic Planning (2023-2028)

An image of the school's logo and mission statement.

JEROMESVILLE, OH (2/13/23)--Hillsdale Local School District has begun the process of creating a new five (5) year strategic plan. As part of the new plan, a small group of community members, parents, and district staff utilized community survey results and district data to update the district’s mission statement:

Hillsdale: focused on success through innovation, empowerment, and collaboration

The district data and community surveys also provided insight into areas of improvement for Hillsdale. Our new five-year plan will focus on four key areas:

Fiscal Stewardship and Transparency:

  • create a plan to support the new building, grounds, and student programming
  • communicate district finances in a clear and coherent manner

Academics and Student Programming:

  • develop a plan to understand the needs and interests of the current student population to improve program offerings (CCP, gifted, IEP, 504, job-embedded, hands-on courses, etc.)
  • increase the focus on academic success for all students
  • increase and enhance student curricular and co-curricular activities

School Climate and Culture:

  • create a safe learning environment for all students
  • develop a plan to identify, plan for, and meet the mental health and social-emotional needs of students
  • increase leadership opportunities and support for students, staff, families, and community members

Communications and Community Engagement:

  • develop a strategic communications plan that will increase the frequency of meaningful two-way communication to all stakeholders,enhance digital media, and promote positive stories and district successes

We are looking to add additional team members to the strategic plan who are invested in improving our school community. If you would like to learn more about the strategic planning process or if you would like to become a member of one of our action teams, please contact Dr. Alyson Baker at