Lesa Deter, Treasurer

Tara Mast, Treasurer's Office Account Clerk

Amanda Dziak, Treasurer's Office General Account Clerk

Welcome to the Hillsdale Treasurer's webpage! Here you will find information about our school finances.

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Current Audited Financial Reports June 30, 2023

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Please note from the 2021 report: "The significant increases in assets, liabilities, and net position for fiscal year 2021 are all related to the issuance of certificates of participation (COPs) to commence a building improvement project. This had the effect of increasing current assets for the unspent proceeds, capital assets for construction in progress, current liabilities for contracts and retainage payable, and long-term liabilities as the District will be repaying the debt over the next several years."

How To Read a Five-Year Forecast

Five-Year Forecast on ODE 

Spring 2024 Five-Year Forecast Long Version 2024-2028

Fall 2023 Five-Year Forecast  Short Version 2024-2028

Spring 2023 Five-Year Forecast Long Version 2023-2027

Fall 2022 Five-Year Forecast Short Version 2023-2027


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