Million Words Club 2023-2024

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JEROMESVILLE (9/26/23)--Join us in our initiative to recognize the impact of reading and celebrate lifelong reading! The club has been created to highlight the reading that happens in our everyday lives. Students need role models in all areas including reading, and this is one way we can showcase what lifelong reading looks like.


  • Earn rewards.
    • on the first book entry, a small, sweet reward is given
    • at 100,000 words, earn a 100 Grand candy bar
    • at 300,000 words, earn a bookmark
    • at 600,000 words, earn a gift card for ice cream
    • at 1,000,000 words, students earn a t-shirt and adults may purchase one
  • Be a lifelong reader.

Who can participate?

  • students
  • teachers
  • parents
  • community members
  • alumni

What counts? YOU choose what you want to read!

  • Any book that is read and recorded on the the student reading website
    • Yes! Graphic novels count!
    • Yes! Easy books count!
    • Yes! You can LISTEN to an audiobook!
  • Books that were read over the summer beginning June 1, 2023, also count towards the one million words.
    • Books that were read during the 2022-2023 school year DO NOT count.

How do I log the books I have read?

  • Students have had the opportunity to create an account at school.
    • Sign in using your Google account or student reading account.
    • Log a book once you're finished reading it.
  • Adults may also create an account on
    • Click on Hillsdale Local Schools.
    • If you are new to the club, click on "New User" and create a "non-student" account.
      • You can log in using your Google account, if you choose.
    • When you finish a book, log it on your account.
    • The website keeps track of the total words read for the year for you.
  • View the video tutorial below for help.

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