Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)

The following information is provided by the Hillsdale Local Professional Development Committee.

You can visit the ONLINE Individual Professional Development Plan information at KIOSK.

In KIOSK,  you will be able to complete your IPDP.  Follow the instructions listed below as you work to complete your plan, which must be approved by the Hillsdale LPDC. 

  • IF YOU CREATE A PLAN OR ACTIVITIES, send them directly to the LPDC.
  • You do NOT have to check for supervisor approval!
    • Doing so may delay your plan/activities as there will be an extra step awaiting the supervisor to approve them, but LPDC can approve them directly if you mark it as such!

IPDP and LPDC Forms and Information

IPDP Renewal Handbook.pdf

LPDC Guidance for You

Alludo Games and Times

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