Transportation Department

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Ora Flickinger  Transportation Supervisor - email at

Please contact the Transportation Department @ 419-368-8519  if you need assistance.  If you were unable to contact transportation between the hours of 6:00 am to 3:30 pm please call 419-368-8502.  If it is outside of business hours please leave a voicemail @ 419-368-8519.

For Bus Changes Please submit a bus change form  located on the forms page.  Please allow 2 business days for changes to take effect.

Please read student code of conduct so you and your child understands their role in making school buses the safest form of transportation.  Student code of conduct


During the 2018-19 school year Hillsdale Local Schools Transportation department covered 12 regular bus routes and 5 special needs van routes the combined travel was over 900 miles a day. In addition to our drivers running their regular bus routes, our bus drivers transported students to over 370 extracurricular trips, which include athletic trips, and instructional trips. Your drivers logged over 220,000 miles while maintaining a perfect safety record.

During summer break, we do regular maintenance and service to every bus and van performed by First choice, ensuring safety of your children. Each year we have annual state inspections of every bus and van that carries our most precious cargo. The State Highway Patrol also conducts spot inspections throughout the school year. As Transportation Supervisor my number one priority is the safety of your children.

Parents can be a major help in maintaining safety by going over and reinforcing the rules of the bus with your children.

It is a difficult task for the bus drivers to keep their eyes on the road and maintain control of over 60 to 70 children sitting behind them. Please talk to you children about respecting themselves, the driver and their fellow classmates. We ask that your child remains seated at all times, keep their voices to an indoor level and be kind to every person with whom they come in contact. This will help everyone have a more enjoyable ride to and from school.