Hillsdale Educational Endowment Fund

The Hillsdale Education Foundation has been established to benefit the Hillsdale Local School District. The money in this Fund is being held by the Ashland County Community Foundation.

The purposes of the Educational Endowment Fund are to:

  1. Strengthen the Hillsdale Local School District by funding programs which ensure excellence in the classroom
  2. Build a supplementary, non-tax base of financial support for the Hillsdale Local School District
  3. Bring new resources for enrichment activities to all Hillsdale students
  4. Establish a close tie between the community and the Hillsdale Local  School District
  5. Create partnerships between fund donors and Hillsdale Local School District
  6. Establish support for Hillsdale teachers and students
  7. Provide a vehicle for Hillsdale Alumni to be involved with the Hillsdale Local School District