For Parents

Attendance Policy and Regulations

When a student is absent we need two things from the parent(s) and/or guardian(s):

  1. Please call 419-368-6841 and let us know why your child is absent.  If leaving a message please give us the child's first and last name and a reason for the absence.
  2. Please write a note why your child was absent and have them return it to the office the next day they return to school.  To excuse their absence they need to bring their note to the office and receive a blue slip to get their homework.  Please note that any absence WITHOUT an excuse will be an UNEXCUSED absent.  A note must be received within 2 days of absence.

The compulsory attendance laws in Ohio (O.R.C. 3321.01) require attendance by students ages 6-18 each day school is in session.  Ohio attendance laws further state that students are responsible and parents are held accountable to comply with the law.  Regular attendance and punctuality are necessary for academic success.  Our attendance policy is based on a regular school day, 7:55 a.m.-3 p.m.  Please see pages 9 through 14 of the Student/Parent Handbook for more information.