For Parents

Attendance Policy and Regulations

Reporting Absences

All absences (except pre-arranged absences) from school require a phone call from a parent, or legal guardian, to the office before 8:30 A.M. for each absence.  We are required by law (O.R.C. 3313.205) to contact you to determine the reason for your child’s absence from school.  If we cannot reach a parent by phone, we will contact the residence by mail on the first day of the student’s absence.  A written excuse signed by a parent or guardian must be turned into the office upon return to school. Parents may also email an excuse to the building secretary.

Half-day absence will be charged against pupils if they arrive after 9:30 a.m. or leave before 1:30 p.m.  If a student must arrive late or leave early, the student must provide a parental note or email explaining the nature of the situation, the day that it will occur, and the time the student will be missing.  If someone other than the student’s parents or legal guardian will be picking up the student, the student must receive a SIGNED and DATED note from the parent.  The school will not release a child to an unauthorized individual.

All high school students are provided a Chrome Book and as a result the student is responsible for acquiring their assignments prior to (when possible) or during an excused absence.  It is the student’s responsibility for turning in assignments during the excused absence time or upon returning to school.  Students are requested to bring a parental note or parents may email the school after each absence explaining the reason for the absence or tardiness.

If you have any questions concerning this please contact the HHS office at 419-368-6841.  Thank you.