USDA Free Meal Program Discontinued for 2022-2023 School Year

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JEROMESVILLE (8/18/22)--Unfortunately, the waiver from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) allowing school districts to provide free meals for students during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years has expired.

Lunch and breakfast charges will resume for the 2022-2023 school year at Hillsdale Schools unless a student has been approved to receive free meals.

We encourage ALL of our families--whether they need or will use the assistance--to complete the free- and reduced-lunch application.

Completion of this application could help the district qualify for additional federal funding and grant money that can be used to benefit all students in the district.

Free meals are available to families who qualify by completing the application. Hillsdale Schools is also offering free meals to those who qualify for reduced-price meals.

In addition, Hillsdale Schools is waiving school fees for the 2022-2023 school year for the families who qualify for free- and reduced-price meals.

Eligibility is based on family size and income guidelines developed by the USDA.

The information shared in the application is completely confidential and is sent directly to the Food Service Coordinator for HLSD.

To apply for free meals, log on to your PaySchools account or click here for instructions found at the bottom of the page:

You will need:

  • The name, school, and grade of your school-age children
  • The names of all adults living in the home
  • Income information for all adults living in the home
  • Student ID Numbers for your school-age children
    • The student ID that is requested is the same as the lunch code beginning with 6800... You will use either the last four or five digits of the number.
    • If you do not have a code, please contact Ora Flickinger or 419-368-8519.

Meal prices will remain the same as the 2019-2020 school year. Prices are:

  • Grades K-12 Lunch (includes milk): $2.50
  • Grades K-12 Breakfast (includes milk): 1.25
  • Grades K-12 Milk only: $0.50
  • A la Carte Items: individually priced

Meals may be paid for in person, or to create a PaySchools account to pay for meals online, click here:

For directions on setting up an account, visit our PaySchools Central webpage on our website at

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