Venue Regulations

Hillsdale Local Schools and its Athletic Department welcome you to its sporting events! As spectators, we encourage you to express your school spirit in support of our student-athletes by using good sportsmanship and respecting those around you. Games are not a time for confrontation, annoyance or disruption. In order to provide for the safety and enjoyment of our student-athletes, fans and guests, we respectfully expect that you will observe the following regulations.

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in the offender being removed from the stadium or gymnasium with no refund of admission price.


  1. With the occupancy of our new facility, we encourage good stewardship from all who attend our sporting events. 
  2. Any student grades K through 8 who are NOT accompanied by a parent/guardian on the sideline should be seated in the stands during the game, unless going to the restroom or concession stand.
  3. All students are to stay on their respective teams' side of the field during the game, except when going to the restroom or concession stand.
  4. No objects of any kind are permitted to be thrown at any time by spectators.
  5. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on school grounds.
  6. No alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted on the premises.
  7. No pets are permitted, except certified service animals.
  8. Good sportsmanship is to be displayed at all times.
  9. NOTICE STUDENTS: There is no re-entry without purchasing a ticket each time.
  10. Only authorized individuals are permitted on the field or at the bench areas during the game.


  1. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on school grounds.
  2. The hallways and cafeteria are to be used for going to and coming from the concession stand or restrooms only.
  3. Small children who are left unsupervised will be given a seat in the gymnasium.
  4. No one is permitted on the floor except those participating in the contest.
  5. Locker rooms are closed at half-time and ten minutes after the conclusion of a contest to allow coaches time to meet with their respective teams.
  6. Hillsdale students will be seated directly behind the home team bench.
  7. The pep band will occupy the first two rows of seats immediately inside the east door.