COVID-19 Protocol Oct. 25 Update

"New COVID-19 Protocols. Read the complete details below."

Please Note: These protocols are no longer up-to-date. They are being retained for archival purposes only.

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Updated Quarantine Guidance for Ohio Schools

Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, Ohio Department of Health's Chief Medical Officer, held a press conference October 25 explaining the guidance for the new quarantine protocols for Ohio schools. This will take effect immediately for Hillsdale Local Schools in an effort to keep healthy students in school.

If a student/staff is exposed within the school setting (close contact), he/she can follow all of the steps below to remain in school instead of being quarantined outside of school: 

 New Protocols for Close Contact to Remain in School as of October 25, 2021

  1. Wear a mask for 14 days

  2. Monitor daily for symptoms

  3. Isolate (stay home) if symptoms occur

  4. Option to test on day 7; if negative, the student/staff can discontinue wearing the mask on day 8.

  5. If a student/family elects not to follow these guidelines, the student will be required to quarantine at home. The exposed can test on day 7 and, if negative, can return on day 8. If they choose not to test, the exposed can return on day 11.

If a student is exposed within the school setting (close contact) and is involved in extracurricular activities, he/she can continue to participate by following the Test to Participate guidelines listed below:

  1. Wear a mask at all times during the extracurricular when not actively participating
  2. Test on day 1 of exposure/notification; if negative, the student can stay active
  3. Test again on day 7; if negative, the student can discontinue the quarantine protocols on day 8

Additional Information:

  • COVID-19 test must be PCR or Antigen with verification from the provider.
  • All students and staff on school transportation will still be required to wear a mask.
  • These guidelines do not apply to students or staff exposed outside of the school setting.
  • Masks continue to be highly recommended for all students/staff within the school setting and at extracurricular activities.
  • This updated information is based on the ODH guidance as of 10/25/21 and could change in the future.