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    Support Our Students!

    Important Levy Renewal Information is posted here for you!

    Support our Students by voting  YES on the HILLSDALE RENEWAL Levy


    -        This levy has combined three EXISTING LEVIES as one issue on the ballot.   This is a cost saving measure by not returning to the ballot every other year to renew issues. 

    -        This levy is NOT asking for new dollars. 

    -        This RENEWAL levy allows us to put our total focus back on the students by REINSTATING lost educational opportunities. 

    -        Vote YES on November 4th! 

    -        For additional information contact Steve Dickerson, Superintendent, by email @ hill_dickerson@tccsa.net or by telephone @ 419-368-8501.

    -        A Complete Listing of Questions and Answers about the upcoming LEVY (select the link)


    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    We will have Parent/Teacher Conferences on Tuesday, October 28 from 3:30 - 7:00 pm and Thursday, November 6 from 3:30 - 7:00 pm.

    Academic Boosters

    For many years, a small contingent has provided special awards for our students in grades K-12 as they progress and improve in their academic performance.  Many students have been inspired by the B.U.G. (bring up grade) awards, the candy, the notes of encouragement, and the special recognition received from this booster group each year.  Please consider helping to fund the efforts of the Academic Boosters, and more importantly, we'd like you to take part in this valuable way to recognize and encourage students in their academic progress.  If you'd like to know more about the Academic Boosters or find out how you can be a part - please contact Violet Gilmore at hill_gilmore@tccsa.net.  

    Labels for Education

    It is easy to help our school by participating in the Campbell's Labels for Education Program.  You can help by saving UPC codes from hundreds of varieties of Campbell's products you use every day.  Products like Campbell's soups, beans, tomato juices; Franco-American SpaghettiO's, pastas and gravies.  Also Pepperidge Farm Breads, cookies, crackers, and soups; Prego pasta sauces; Swanson broths; V8 vegetable juices and V8 Splash juices.  Check out the web site at http://www.labelsforeducation.com.  We need the UPC code, not just the label on all of these products.

    Box Tops for Education

    We are collecting "box tops" to be redeemed for money.  Many cereals, cake mixes, side dishes and boxed snacks have the "box tops for Education" coupons.  Clip them from the box and send it to school!  Thanks for your efforts.

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