Credit Flexibility



Ohio Senate Bill 311 allows alternate pathways for those students who are eligible to receive high school credit through the use of Credit Flexibility Plans (CFPs).  Ohio students are now able to earn high school credit in three ways, or in a combination of these ways:

  1. By completing traditional coursework;
  2. By testing out or otherwise demonstrating achievement of the course content; or
  3. By pursuing one or more “educational options” (e.g., distance learning, educational travel, independent study, an internship, music, arts, after school program, community service or engagement project).


Ohio’s plan for credit flex is designed to broaden the scope of curricular options available to students, increase the depth of study available for a particular subject and tailor the learning time or conditions needed (to shorten or lengthen the time necessary to complete  a high school diploma and/or post secondary degree).  In these ways, students can customize aspects of their learning around more of their interests and needs.