School-Community Liaisons


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We would like to inform you that Hillsdale School District continues to offer another resource for you and your family. The School-Community Liaisons are a team of professionals working in all the school districts of Ashland County.

The goals of services include:

  • increasing school attendance
  • enhancing the coping skills of children and families
  • responding to daily crisis situations in the schools
  • strengthening partnerships between families and schools
  • helping to provide easier access to community supports

Thanks to the Ashland County residents who voted for the Mental Health & Recovery Services levy, we are able to continue to partner with the schools to provide these services at no cost to the students or families.

Referrals for our program come from principals, guidance counselors, teachers, intervention teams, student self-referral and/or parents.

For more information, please contact the appropriate Liaison for your child's school. We look forward to serving you and working in the best interests of children.


Kim Smetzer
Hillsdale High School

Tammy Hoverstock
Hillsdale Elementary and Middle Schools