Board Implementing Safety Lanes

An image of students walking through a screening detector.

JEROMESVILLE, Ohio (8/25/23)--The Hillsdale Board of Education continues prioritizing the safety and security of our students, staff, and community. 

At the request of the board, the district has invested in safety lanes for our students and community members during school hours and extra-curricular events. These safety lanes detect shapes that could be weapons entering our school or school events. They are shape detectors, not metal detectors, to keep our students and community members as safe as possible.

Less intrusive and quicker than metal detectors, the scanners will allow our students, staff, visitors, and spectators to enter our building and athletic venues at a normal pace, screening up to 1,000 people in 15 minutes. The system looks at items, not individuals, flagging suspicious or concerning shapes. Our trained SRO staff will be helping the district with these safety lanes.

As a part of our daily procedures, there will be safety lanes at the preK-6 entrance, the 7-12 entrance, and the event entrance.

The units are portable and can be moved to multiple locations, including our sporting venues. We will be operating these lanes soon at our home sporting events. All those entering the stadium will be welcomed at either side of the brick ticket booth or at the pass/pre-sale ticket gate behind the press box.

Weapons are not permitted on Hillsdale Local Schools' property, such as firearms and knives, These are the types of shapes the safety lanes will detect. Schools and professional sporting events have been using this system for several years.  

Please see the attached EVOLV Guide for Parents and watch this video to see the system at work.

The Hillsdale Board of Education is committed to creating the safest environment possible for our students and community members. Go Falcons!