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Rules of Auction

  1. Bids are submitted by email with the listed item number in the subject line.
    1. Simply click on the "Place A Bid" button included with each item description and provide the requested information.
    2. Please include your phone number. It may be used to contact you if you are unavailable by email.
  2. All bids must be whole dollar amounts. Please do not submit a maximum bid amount.
  3. All items are sold as individual items.
    1. The highest bidder has the option to purchase as many of the item as is available for the accepted high bid price per item.
    2. If there are remaining items after that selection, the next highest bidder may opt to purchase as many of the remaining items as desired at the accepted high bid price, and so on.
  4. Some items may have reserve limits.
  5. All items sold AS IS without a guarantee, either expressed or implied. All sales are final.
  6. Top bids will be updated weekdays except on the final day.
    1. There will be no updates after 24 hours before the close of the auction.
    2. The final bid will be posted as soon as possible after the conclusion of the auction.
  7. The buyer is responsible for the removal of items purchased.
    1. If we have not heard back from the winning bidder within one week of being notified of winning the item(s) to set up a time to pick up the item(s), we reserve the right to offer the item(s) to the next highest bidder.
  8. Cash or check is an acceptable payment method.
  9. Closed auction items will be archived: www.hillsdale.k12.oh.us/closed_auction
  10. As new items become available, auctions will be started weekly on Wednesdays and will conclude 14 calendar days later.

Current Auctions

Click to View the Auction Ending June 8, 2022 at 3 PM

Click to View the Auction Ending on June 1, 2022 at 3 PM

Click to View the Auction that Ended on May 18, 2022 at 3 PM

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