2020 Fall Sports Ticket Information


JEROMESVILLE (8/20/20)--Per the latest Ohio Department of Health order pertaining to athletics, the number of spectators at a sporting event is required to be limited.

In compliance with the orders, the following protocol will be observed for ticket sales:

  • Each family of athletes, cheerleaders and band members will be allowed a certain number of tickets.

    • The number will be based on the number of athletes, cheerleaders and band members participating and 15% of the venue's fixed seating capacity. Thus, the number of tickets will change for every event.
  • Tickets will be presale only.

    • Tickets will only be sold to the athletes, who would provide them to family members.
    • For Hillsdale home games, tickets will be sold for a flat rate of $5.
    • For away games, each ticket will be sold for $6 each.
    • It is our goal to have the tickets available one week in advance of the sporting contest.
  • Middle school league games will continue to be no charge but attendance will still be limited.
    • Tickets will be given to athletes to share with their families.
    • The number of tickets for each game will be determined based on the number of athletes and the venue.
    • Non-league games may have an admission fee and will be handled on a presale basis, as outlined above.

Due to these restrictions, no passes are being offered or honored, for example, the Golden Falcon (aka, senior citizen) and staff passes.

We recognize this is not ideal, nor what any of us would choose. However, these stipulations will allow our athletes to actually have a season. How well we follow any of the mandates found in the orders (see the pdf below or use the link) will determine whether we are able to complete the season.

Disclaimer: As with anything at this time, this is subject to change.